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International Women's Day 2023

Our Uneeka team love celebrating International Women’s Day! In a follow on from our Blog Post in 2021 (click here to read our previous post) we thought we'd update you all on some of our newer members of staff and all of their wonderful interests and hobbies as well as what they do for us within the business! 



Sasha is one of the newest members of our lovely Falmouth team! But her short time with us does not mean she is not a valued member of our team! She often helps with the arts and crafts that can sometimes be needed for our window displays and she is just the sweetest gal around. Outside of Uneeka, Sasha is a second year Television student at Falmouth University. She loves to play around with new camera techniques and her biggest passions are both filming and photography. She specifically loves working with film photography because she feels it is more unique than digital photography.



Evie is a fab member of Cafe Uneeka and a great barista! She handles most of Cafe Uneeka's insta (see here to view more) and is a happy bubbly girl who is always making the rest of the team laugh! Evie is a Fashion Marketing graduate from Falmouth University and she is hoping to work within the fashion/beauty sector in the future as a Marketing Executive. A girl of many talents she is also a ballet dancer who has achieved grade 8 and completed intermediate ballet grades as well as grade 7 in violin. Outside of work she loves second hand and sustainable fashion and walking her pooch Ozzie.



Lucia is a member of our Home Store team and has previously achieved a degree in interior design and styling. Her skills and her impeccable style have contributed hugely to the Home Store socials (see here) and she's quite often moving half the furniture around the store to get the perfect picture! In her spare time she likes to sea swim, paint the female figure and upcycle pieces of furniture in her home. She also is a wonderful mum to her little boy and loves sharing adventures with him whenever possible.



Bodli is part of our Website/Office Team, she puts together our banners on our website and takes product photography as well as being a photoshop extraordinaire. We all consider her the chief of packing up our online orders and even with the most awkward of parcels she always manages to find a way of making it work! Outside of work she likes to draw, paint and just loves all things artsy. She also takes part in film-making projects around Cornwall and helps to create props, sets and anything crafty that may be needed. A big fan of the outdoors, she likes to hike, climb and spend time in the great wilderness on her days off.



Carrina is a part of our Website/Office Team and acts as our Business Support Manager. A very busy lady she also still works within the NHS at the SARC (Sexual Assault Referral Centre) as a Crisis Worker and is always the best person to go to when you need someone to speak to. To read more about the SARC and what they do click hereThe lovely wife of our Director Jodi, they have two beautiful girls and both juggle their home life alongside Uneeka. Carrina is a keen gardener, chicken owner and has a keen eye for styling their home which is filled with Uneeka furniture of course! She is also known for always being keen to join Yoga sessions in the Yoga Studio within the Uneeka Life building, running in the woods near her home and enjoys walking their family dog Tarka!



Neya works within our Truro Uneeka Life Team and she is just the kindest gal around. With a keen interest to learn new things she helps with creative window displays, helped find new suppliers at Trade Shows and drawing on the jewellery grids and displays in store. In her spare time she loves graphics, has interest in designing posters and merch for musicians and even did some branding for a local brand in Falmouth! She also loves film photography which she is hoping to expand her interest in in the future.



Gabs is a member of our Falmouth Uneeka Life Team. A bubbly and talkative gal she is a third year textile design student at Falmouth University. In her free time she loves to crocheting, painting, knitting & getting crafty! She also loves to create knitwear and crochet pieces and is often seen wearing her own work. With a multitude of talents she is also a Musical Theatre performer in Falmouth with the Tremough Follies Musical Theatre Society. Her next performance with them is in Footloose between the 26th-27th May. Click here to view their Facebook page and to book tickets to their next show!



Ellie works on our Website as our Website Manager in Truro. She is our chief wordsmith; putting together blogs, newsletters and producing perfect product descriptions as well as answering messages on our online chat and contacting customers regarding their online orders. Ellie's always up for a challenge, whether it's styling furniture with Lucia, shooting TikToks with Bodli, or diving head first into the science of SEO. In her spare time she loves spending time with her friends, taking long walks with her collie Benji, coming up with new tattoo ideas for herself and always seems to be winning at her local pub bingo!