Yoga & Pilates Truro Studio 2022

World Yoga Day 2022

Here at Uneeka it has never to been easier to celebrate World Yoga Day! This is because we are lucky enough to have collaborated with “Yoga and Pilates Truro” to create a beautiful Yoga studio on the 2nd Floor of Uneeka Life on Boscawen Street, in Truro City Centre. Not only are they open for a variety of public sessions (schedule below), they also host our staff well-being sessions on a weekly basis.

These classes are proving to be very popular with our staff! 

Our well-being sessions help our staff unwind after a busy day. They create a sense of community across our different stores and departments. These classes enable our staff to manage everyday stress and prevent them from feeling burnt out. Physically, the classes help develop strength, flexibility and promote longevity of the body. Mentally, the classes reduce stress, anxiety, promote body positivity and increase self esteem. This has helped to increase creativity, productivity and confidence within our staff. 

In order to achieve this each staff well-being session includes a combination of breathing exercises, deliberate, conscious movements and guided relaxation. To see a demonstration of one of the classes watch the time lapse below from one of our Staff Well Being sessions. 

“Staff well-being yoga has been one of the best experiences! Not only is yoga great and relaxing, it allows us as a team to hang out outside of work, with sometimes a little dinner after! Shuni is one of the best teachers too, where I’ve never felt so welcomed in a class. We all feel the muscle benefits the next day too!" - Jessie K

"Staff well being yoga, has truly been wonderful, I had never been to a yoga class before and was always nervous about the movements involved but Shuni is an absolute dream and welcomed us with open arms, she's incredibly patient and just the best teacher! For me having yoga after a busy shift in the Cafe Uneeka has done wonders for my head space, made me feel feel stronger and has brought us closer as a team." - Hollie

Yoga and Pilates Truro offer a host of daytime and evening classes, for times see the current schedule below or visit to book your class now. Namaste!  
Yoga & Pilates Truro Schedule June 2022


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