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FairTrade Fortnight at Uneeka

For years, Uneeka have been taking part in Fair Trade Fortnight. From helping Truro gain temporary Fair Trade status in 2006 and helping to spread awareness; to collaborating with University College Falmouth redesign the reusable shopping bags in 2008; to taking part in Truro's Big Swap in 2010, this year is no different! 

Since the beginning of the Uneeka brand in 2004, the sourcing of products has always been an incredibly important part of the business. We pride ourselves on being a member of the BAFTS (British Association of Fairtrade Shops) and we believe in making Fair Trade products accessible and affordable for all. The first questions we ask potential new suppliers are related to the manufacturing and story behind their lines. We try our hardest to fill our store with ranges from ethical and eco conscious companies which use sustainable practices and who aim to create products which have been reused and recycled. This has led us to have fantastic suppliers who are dedicated to using innovative methods like biodegradable packaging, chemical free dyes, water collecting, wind turbines/solar energy as well as using recycled fabrics and reclaimed wood in manufacturing. We have, and always will be, a company who values Fairly Traded stock. A main part of our ethos has been to change customer perceptions by allowing people to see that Fair Trade products can be design-led, contemporary and accessible to all.

With the Fairtrade Foundation being established in 1992; Fairtrade is about better prices, decent working conditions, local sustainability, and fair terms of trade for farmers and workers in the developing world. Our Fair Trade suppliers seek to work with disadvantaged and marginalised producers and to develop business with them to help them become financially stronger and more independent. When you shop with us you don’t need to compromise on style to shop ethically. To read more about Fairtrade movement and what the term means have a look at the Fairtrade Foundation website here.

Felt Creations Assortment
Uneeka's Easter Felt Creations Assortment

Our producers are located all over the world and many of our products are created by artisans who handcraft the pieces using traditional techniques and natural materials. We always make sure that workers are being paid a fair wage and treated well, before we choose to buy from new suppliers. For example our lovely Felt Creations are all handmade and stitched using sustainable materials under fair trade working conditions in Nepal. A wide range of our main range silver plated and brass jewellery comes from a business which supports a beautiful project in Kenya called Bombolulu Workshops in Mombasa. They provide support to disabled artisans to help them overcome their physical limitations and empower them economically and socially to become fully integrated members of their communities. A member of the WFTO (World Fair Trade Organisation); the non-profit organisation produces crafts of a very high standard and gives vocational training to people with special abilities. The artisans are also supported with many social benefits, including a clinic, nursery, and a HIV prevention clinic.


Over at our Furniture store on City Road we have one of our bestselling ranges that we always have in stock is our Old Indian one of a kind furniture pieces; these are unique pieces that are perfect for those looking to add character to their home! This leads to alot of our products being unique unto themselves and why some items may not look exactly like the photos we have available on our website as quite often no two products look the exact same. Similarly we also have a wide range of Reclaimed Wooden Picture Frames from a supplier who create their frames from disused or discarded waste wood and scrap iron. This means they can 100% be recycled and not contribute to general waste.

Uneeka's Old Indian Furniture pieces

In addition to this, we are committed to reducing our impact on the environment and reducing our carbon emissions throughout the business. For example, we reuse cardboard boxes and packaging to help us package and post our online orders. Our Life stores in both Truro & Falmouth use Recycled Newspaper bags instead of Plastic carriers when serving customers in store. A couple of weeks ago for World Kindness Day (the 17th February) we created a donation system where customers in our Life stores could choose to donate to the NGO who creates the Newspaper Bags. Read more about the source of the Newspaper Bags here.

Cafe Uneeka create specials to make the most of the produce they have and to minimise their waste as much as possible. We use Puro Fairtrade Decaf Coffee in our Cafe, this brand of coffee is certified by the Fairtrade Foundation and they are committed to buying all of their coffee beans from Fairtrade cooperatives. They ensure their coffee farmers receive a fair price for their produce as well as enough to invest in schools and agricultural improvements. They also offset all remaining CO2 emissions from their coffee cultivation, milling, road haulage, ocean shipping and roasting by protecting standing forests and they invest into the protection of rainforest reserves in the countries the coffee beans are grown in. 

Also stocked at Cafe Uneeka are a selection of bottled Lemonaid soft drinks. Using organic fruits and cane sugar, 5p from every bottle sold is donated to the ChariTea Foundation which funds social projects in the growing regions of the ingredients used. By supporting the Fair Trade plantations of small scale farmers, Lemonaid are helping to provide these suppliers with fairer pay and safer working conditions. 

 We also pride ourselves on being an employer that aims to employ fairly with no prejudice over class, race and gender. Many members of our Team have been with us for a number of years! 

When you shop with us, you don’t need to compromise on style to shop ethically. With Fairtrade, you have the power to change the world every day.

Read more about Uneeka's History and our mission on our About Uneeka page!


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