Our Uneeka Garden in Truro

Our Uneeka Garden in Truro

Our British summer time has spoiled us this year with a mixture of high temperatures and heavy rainfall, creating the ideal environment for our precious wildlife to flourish. This is especially important to the Uneeka garden, based behind uneeka.home Truro, where we are creating a safe space for wildlife and a paradise for plants. We plan on making the garden a part of our brand, with its compost helped by our very own Cafe.uneeka, social media projects such as #givenatureahome and even filtered rainwater used to water the flowers, giving them the best possible opportunity to grow. 


Bee Block

The Uneeka garden will also feature multiple bug hotels, perfect for insects and other minibeasts who need a safe space to shelter and hide from predators to raise their young. There will be water baths for the birds, butterflies and bees and even hedgehog highways, encouraging wildlife to move into our nature hotspot. You can help them by building a bug hotel in your own garden or outside area too! Doing your bit for the environment not only boosts the wildlife population but it also gives opportunities for a healthier life. Your small contribution will make a big difference to the future of this globe. 


Wilder Business

We are a part of the Wilder Business support network which helps protect the wildlife of Cornwall. We donate a monthly sum to the network and along with 17000 others, we work together to preserve habitats of all kind. The donations are used to input new wildlife reserves, protect landscapes from new development that will have a negative effect on nature and they help landowners to manage their sites for wildlife. It’s awesome to be a part of this community and we encourage you to join too by clicking the image above. Together, we can attack this hidden issue in Cornwall and protect our precious wildlife, plus it makes you feel so good for helping our environment. 



The Uneeka garden is a really special space, carefully designed by Charlie Millington with his aim to encourage wildlife and we share his goals whilst also making it an amazing outdoor showroom for uneeka.home. Nature is precious and we all need to do something to keep it alive for as long as we want a beautiful world. World conservation day (July 28th) has been a massive success this year, getting everyone from all backgrounds and ages to come together to share and inspire their own work to help nature, and give wildlife a well deserved helping hand. It taught thousands of people how to take care of plants, how to make sure flowers are as vivid and beautiful as they can be and how to attract nature to hundreds of garden spaces. Uneeka's garden will remain our own biodiverse bit of the world and will inspire a huge amount of people to give it a go themselves. 


garden tools

Our website features a new outdoor section that shows the whole range of accessories, lighting and furniture we have for outdoor use. This includes our bee boxes, a new range of blocks where bees can rest, create hives and get away from the busy city environment. Not only are they made from recycled materials, they can also be integrated into new builds to give a positive light on our precious city of Truro. Our lighting can be used for outdoor or indoor settings, patios and all kinds of outdoor spaces. This summer, we have made sure you have the right outdoor furniture for your home and garden with our wide range of benches, chairs and tables. These are perfect for family gatherings, BBQ’s or just lounging in the wonderful sun all day. Every outdoor piece will last a lifetime and can be left outside all winter and still be just as good as new, for the next summer. The table and chair combos are designed to fold up, making them easy to store and easy to set up as emergency seating or as a permanent fixture. 



Our aim is to spread awareness of ways to Integrate wildlife into your daily life as if we all do our little bit for the world, we can reverse all the damage we have done.

- Uneeka 





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