Stripped Vintage Trestle Table


Stripped Vintage Trestle Table Available to order - delivery times vary on product.

This lovely, simple designed dining table, has been created from two trestles which have been finished in a beautiful stripped back vintage finish, exactly like the top of the table. This simple, vintage finish draws the attention to the form of the table and the interior impact that the trestles have, creating a more rustic aesthetic that gives the impression that this piece is weathered and authentic. It allows for this piece to fit perfectly with vintage, rustic interiors, country homes and more contrasting modern, contemporary designs. There's room for up to six people around this dining table, so that creates an ideal space for the direct family and the grandparents for Sunday lunch. Matching vintage benches available, or pair with a compilation of rustic wooden chairs.

This piece is part of a larger vintage collection which are all made from 100% solid plantation mahogany and has undergone a finishing process to recreate good old fashioned honest sun bleached scrubbed furniture. As part of the hand ageing process there will be marks, uneven surfaces, differing grain colours and levels of bleaching. In dry centrally heated houses it will expand and contract and may cause splits and warping to the timber especially on the tops of tables, which will beautifully replicate the originals that have been copied, and transition the new pieces to a likewise state like the original vintage pieces. All of these elements add to the beauty of the pieces and create an incredibly unique addition to your home.

Care Instructions:

This product is made from natural wood and had been hand scrubbed to produce an authentic, honest vintage look. It therefore has no sealant on the surface.
If you accidently spill something on the surface please use 1/3 bleach 1/3 water and 1/3 ecover detergent and very gently scrub the surface with the grain and leave to dry - over scrubbing may reveal the redder tones of the solid wood beneath. For everyday use wipe clean with damp cloth, this range is trying to reproduce historic furniture and thus in natural wood you will get surface scratches and marks from everyday use. The marks you create enhance the historic elements and texture of the pieces. Any splits can be filled with matching colour bees wax. Excess heat, sunlight and dryness in an unventilated room can cause the wood to split so avoid placing your furniture close to heat sources. Use mats and coasters when placing hot drinks onto the surface to avoid ring marks.

All pieces have been hand crafted with traditional techniques, so individual products may vary.

H79 x W180 x D90cm