Round 3 Core Electric Cable Covered with Jute Fabric in Bark Brown


The round electrical cable covered in a Bark Brown coloured Jute Fabric RN26 combines the beauty of this natural product to a new manufacturing process, perfect to highlight the roughness of the Jute fibres. A great Eco-Friendly option for adding detail to your lighting. Flex cable is perfect for creating designer lamps, to renew a lampshade and to give a touch of colour to your home or at your office. Created with a high quality PVC blend that was specifically developed to prevent the formation of bumps and folds.

This three core cable has the same diameter and appearance as two core with the added flexibility of the earth core if needed. If you don't need the earth then simply don't use it in the fitting. This ensures a future proof solution if you find you need an earth if you change the fitting and also saves you from finding out you have an unsuitable cable when your electrician comes to install your lighting.

Diameter: 6.2 mm 2x0,75 or 6.6 mm 3x0,75.

100% Made in Italy.

Sold by the metre. Delivered in a single uncut length (eg. order a Qty of 4 and you will receive one length of cable 4m long).

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