Radiance Essential Oil Blend


The Radiance pure essential oil blend gives you the chance to infuse your day with an uplifting and blissful aroma and raise your mood to a high energy vibe. Oils including Bergamot, Ginger, Lemongrass, Lime, Cypress and Mandarin, all of which are used therapeutically in aromatherapy to uplift the emotions and bring daily happiness and joy.

Non diluted blend of our Radiance oils.  A couple of drops can be added to a bath, to an oil burner, to a tissue and inhaled, or to an aroma diffuser.  As this is an undiluted essential oil blend it must NOT be applied neat to the skin. In a recyclable glass bottle that helps on our environmental journey towards plastic free.

Based in West Cornwall near Marazion, this wellbeing supplier have been handcrafting their wellbeing and skincare products using traditional techniques and the finest natural ingredients for almost around a decade! Their small team uses essential oils, herbal extracts carefully and lovingly to create fragrant wellbeing products to help us all live a better, balanced life. 

These products make amazing gifts which are organic and make sure they reuse and recycle wherever they can - being actively involved in the movement towards being plastic free. Each product smell so amazing and provide a really nourishing and feeling when used. 

10ml bottle.

100% Vegan.