BATHROOM Plaque In Antique Cast Iron


This bathroom plaque is made from antique cast iron for superior durability and stylish finishing. It is designed to provide both superior strength and a classic look, making it ideal for many bathroom decor styles.

115mm x 35mm

Care Instructions

All our Antique Iron Products are submitted to a five-stage Hand Finishing Process. For authenticity, we do not lacquer any of our Products, however all are lovingly waxed by Hand. This is a maintenance wax, and serves as a basic protection to moisture.

Our Antique Iron products may show light surface Rust if exposed to damp environments. If necessary, this can be easily removed by using light oil (such as WD40) and a fine grade wire wool.

Iron Products will age naturally and develop their own Patina over time. Should any Products arrive with a residue of Wax, a wipe over with a cloth is advised.