Pinocchio Adjustable Wooden Wall Bracket for Pendant Lamps


Pinocchio is not just a wall bracket: it is a perfect solution to hanging any lamps by adjusting the distance from the wall.

Pinocchio has been designed to allow the passage of lamps that are already wired: the cable does not have to pass through holes but is wound around the knurled wooden supports that are inserted at both ends.
The arm (or nose) is mobile and can be fixed at three different Lengths to allow the desired aesthetic result.
Pinocchio's arm (or nose?) is mobile and can be fixed at three different lengths to permit the desired aesthetic result.

Pinocchio allows to mount lamps and lampshades up to a maximum diameter of 50 cm.

100% Made in Italy.
Support dimensions:

L24,5 x W3.5 x D3.9 cm.

Arm dimensions:
L24.5 x W1.4 x D1.2 cm.

Maximum extension on the stand: 27.2 cm.
Maximum supportable weight: 3.6 kg.