Peacock On Green Framed Print


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A beautifully exquisite peafowl which is colloquially named peacock - the male species. Peafowls are native to India and hold significant symbolism within their culture. Occasionally peafowl appear with white plumage, this is due to a genetic condition called leucism, which causes the pigment cells to fail to develop. This genetic condition allows the peafowl to produce pigment but not deposit to the feathers and therefore resulting in its beautiful contrasting blue head! This development creates an extraordinary unusual bird, which is even more beautiful than the regular Indian peafowl. This lovely peafowl is illustrated in his domestic forested home.

It's created using a combination of lithographic and photocrom printing processes which allow for the restoration of vintage archives, whilst adding colour, depicting the intricate beauty and details of each and every feather of the peacock, which contrast perfectly with his bright blue head.

Printed with Japanese archival ink on a matte Hahnemühle paper which gives a more classic look.


H61 x W61cm and H30 x W30cm