Packet Of Carrot Seeds


These Carrot Seeds are perfect for anyone looking to plant their own wholesome vegetables. These sustainable seeds are suitable for gardens or windowsills and come with 50 seeds, providing plenty of opportunities for a bountiful harvest. With colourful collaborative artwork by the Arthouse artists, they make for a unique and thoughtful gift.

ARTHOUSE Unlimited are a charity presenting the artistic talents of adults with complex neuro-diverse and physical support needs. Offering a sense of purpose lies at the end of the charity, believing that feeling truly respected improves health, happiness and well-being. They strive to challenge perceptions and create better acceptance and inclusion for people living with neurodivergence and physical adversities. Their sales revenue helps sustain the charity, enabling it to grow and involve! We absolutely adore Arthouse's bright and colourful apparel and are very happy to be supporting such a wonderful charity!

Includes 50 Carrot seeds.