Oregano Hydro Herb


These make a perfect gift for someone who enjoys growing their own or for someone who loves to cook!

Every kit contains all you need for your chosen herb. A recycled wine bottle is used to construct the body of the system, all edges are ground by hand so there’s no need to worry about sharp corners left over from cutting the bottle. Watering the kits could not be simpler just keep an eye on the water line (clearly visible) and top up when needed, every couple of weeks.

Each kit contains enough organic hydroponic fluid for you to be able to grow your herbs for approximately two years. The kits also come with spare parts so that if your horticultural skills require a little honing there’s a second chance waiting.

About Oregano: This member of the mint family has been requested frequently on my stall where it has sometimes been referred to (to my immense confusion) as ‘wild marjoram’. This variety should grow to about 50cm if left to its own devices and will produce small purple flowers, don’t panic though unlike basil that may bolt if left to flower oregano will just continue to grow all year round indoors.

Oregano has been used in the Mediterranean region for centuries becoming popular in America after the second world war when returning GI’s brought back a liking for what was often termed the ‘pizza herb’. Unlike most of the other herbs in our family of Hydro-herb kits, oregano benefits from being picked and dried, this process allows its flavour to fully develop. Oregano is a great addition to meets particularly lamb, going very well with any kind of kebab recipe. If you’re looking for a means to add some pep to your salads, look no further oregano is a great addition to Greek style salads.