Neela Natural Mango Wood Lampshade


Nkuku's Neela lampshade creates a striking natural statement. This beautifully crafted design brings a laid-back, effortless warmth to any living space. It works just as well in a hallway as it does in a bedroom, dining or sitting room. Each wooden bead has been hand-carved and threaded onto strings that are set within a mango wood frame. To avoid waste, we use wood of different colours and textures that bring warmth and added interest to each piece. The antique brass support struts and double light fitting elevate the final look for an utterly unique piece that has been designed to stand out.

Available in two sizes. Sold individually. 

Small: H22.8 x W39.5 x D39.5 cm. 

Large: H20.5 x W30 x D30 cm. 

Materials: Mango Wood.