Mini Lemon Slice Gold Hoops


Add a fun, colourful accent to your wardrobe with these Mini Lemon Slice Hoops. With their unique shape and zesty colour, they'll be sure to turn heads. The lightweight design comfortably adds a splash of joy to any outfit. Handcrafted in England using FSC approved wood, they are the perfect ethical addition to your wardrobe.

Started by British designer Hannah Davis in London, Wolf & Moon create handmade jewellery from sustainable, low waste and recycled materials. They have recently increased their usage of recycled acrylic by developing and investing in their own closed-loop system to recycle all of their acrylic offcuts into a wonderful new sheet material. Any offcuts they cannot reuse, we donate to local artists and makers. They aim to be as environmentally responsible as possible and run their London studio solely with renewable energy. 

Beautifully handcrafted in England.

If you fancy a fun, fruity, mismatched pair - try these.

Materials: Acrylic, wood and  1.9 cm14k gold-filled findings.

H2.1 x W1.2 cm.