Handmade Fake Miniature Plants Felt Decoration


These fabulous miniature plants are perfect for adding a touch of greenery to those dull, dreary corners. Know anyone who can't keep a plant alive? These items are super low maintenance - no water required! These fabulous little plants would make perfect gifts for any plant enthusiast or budding green thumb. This mini felt plant comes in multiple styles.

This is a Handmade and Fair Trade item so you can purchase knowing you're supporting sustainable shopping.

Ostrich Fern - H10 x W7cm
Ficus Elastica Plant - H12.5 x W7cm
Blossoming Hedgehog Cactus - H15 x W8cm
Mini Monstera Plant - H14 x W8cm
Sanseviria Plant - H11.5 x W7cm
Sedum Succulent - H13 x W7cm