Malachite Two Tone Blue Earrings


Handcrafted from waste newspaper pulp, these Malachite Two Tone Blue Earrings are organic and original. The paper pulp, dyed with color pigments, is encased in durable brass and complemented by gold paper dangling beads. Featuring brass earring hooks, these earrings provide a unique and lightweight accessory with a stone grey and blue colour scheme.

The producers of these earrings believe in sustainable design, ethical production, transparency, and craftsmanship. Their products are all handmade by women that are employed full time at a workshop with permanent contracts.

With a focus on developing new and innovative techniques using only waste paper and want to change the perception of recycled materials. They transform these waste magazines and newspapers into original designs, using their own simple yet pioneering techniques at the workshop. These talented ladies make each product by hand, with basic tools and the sun’s rays. These materials are locally sourced and environmentally friendly.

H6 cm.