LED Gold Mini Globe G45 5W E14 Dimmable Bulb


Globe shape and reduced dimensions, here comes the C02, a top notch light bulb when it comes to string lights or table lamps.

Its patented new generation filament - the thinnest on the market - has a distinct spiral shape, much like the one found in traditional light bulbs.

Dimmable, with long lasting, ample light emission (15.000 hours for 20.000 on/off cycles). This light bulb was made from gold-coloured glass which radiates a soft, intimate amber lighting; the perfect addition for a welcoming atmosphere..

Bebulbs, a brand that's always pushing the boundaries of design for charming, great-quality LED light bulbs, now presents the Carbon Line: a modern retake of the traditional incandescent light bulbs.

Light bulb type: LED
Shape: Mini Globe
Fitting: E14
Diameter: 45 mm
Length: 80 mm
Volt: 220/240V
Watt: 2,5W
Energy class: - / Decorative lamp
Light colour: 1800 K
Brightness: 136 Lm
Dimmable: Yes