LED Gold Globe G95 4W E27 Dimmable Bulb


Gleam luxuriously with a gold-coloured glass from your chandelier or desk lamp - this LED G95 4W E27 Dimmable Bulb features a patented, ultra-thin spiral filament for a classic-style feel. Enjoy up to 15,000 hours of soft, intimate amber lighting and 20,000 on/off cycles while providing your space with the perfect touch of beauty and ambiance.

Light bulb type: LED
Shape: Globe
Fitting: E27
Diameter: 95 mm
Length: 140 mm
Volt: 220/240V
Watt: 4W
Energy class: - / Decorative lamp
Light colour: 1800 K
Brightness: 250 Lm
Dimmable: Yes