Jaipur Floral Gift Bags


These handmade gift bags in Jaipur floral are simply beautiful. The different shades of pink, green or blue blended with gold makes these gift bags look rich and striking. These gift bags also come with rope handles and stiffener, making them luxurious and very high quality. 

This range of gift boxes, gift wrap and gift bags are all handmade as well as being eco-friendly and sustainable, made from leftover cotton, a by-product of India’s huge garment industry. This is then taken and recycled into these fantastic, colourful paper products. Our supplier believes that great design and style goes hand-in-hand with sustainable and ethical production. They want to combat throw-away culture that has become more common in this modern age. They are doing the best they can do to avoid waste materials and resources and we love it!

Available in either Pink, Blue or Green in a variety of sizes. Sold individually.

Mini: H4.5" x W3.25″ 

Small: H7" x W5″ 

Medium: H8" x W6″ 

Large: H10" x W7"