Hand Knitted Giraffe With Scarf Hand Puppet


This hand knitted giraffe hand puppet is made from organic cotton, making it both eco-friendly and safe for children to play with. Its large size fits most adult hands, providing a fun and interactive experience for small children. Let this cute and cuddly puppet entertain and delight you and your loved ones!

This adorable new Children's Toys collection has been created by a supplier started in order to keep working families together in Asia. Where factories have closed down, many workers faced the difficult choice of migration to find work. This often lead to leaving their families behind including their young children. This craft and knitting supplier was launched with the aim to provide jobs to the community and keep these families together. Many of their knitters have been working there ever since. All of these cute cuddlies and hand puppets are made from organic cotton. 

Machine washable. 

H26 cm.