Growbar The Tiny Tomato Bar


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Start growing February - June

Picking your own sun-ripened tomatoes right from the vine is hard to beat. This unusual collection of miniature tomatoes will look spectacular growing in ruby-red clusters, and will taste truly exceptional in fresh summer salads.

Start by unwrapping your Growbar and place it with the brown protective paper facing upwards, into a container with plenty of space to allow it to expand. Gently pour half a litre of water into the tray and position indoors on a warm, bright sunny windowsill. The seeds will need to be a cosy 18°-22° to germinate.

Water regularly and ensure the Growbar is perfectly moist, it should remain the colour of a rich dark ginger cake.

When the seedlings have produced 4-8 leaves you may then gently separate them, being careful not to damage the delicate roots, and pot them individually into little flowerpots. The plants will be happy on the windowsill or in a greenhouse or conservatory. They may also be planted in a sunny weed-free spot in the garden.

Depending on weather conditions and when the seeds were started your tomatoes will begin to form from midsummer. Water the soil regularly as the fruits swell and ripen, avoiding splashing leaves and stems which hate to be wet.

You can encourage more abundant tomatoes by providing a weekly dose of liquid seaweed feed. As the stems grow tall and fruits become heavy it’s wise to provide some sturdy support to prevent the plants bending and snapping in summer breezes.

When the tomatoes have reached full size but are still green you can pick the leaves from the plant to make sure they’re able to bask in the sun and develop delicious sun-ripened flavour. A bumper crop of tomatoes can be cooked into delicious sauces, ketchups and chutneys.