Growbar Artists Flower


Start growing March - June

With their exceptional beauty of form and colour, and wealth of symbolic significance, flowers have inspired artists for millennia.

Start by unwrapping your Growbar and place it with the brown protective paper facing upwards, into a container with plenty of space to allow it to expand. Gently pour half a litre of water into the tray and position indoors on a warm, bright sunny windowsill. The seeds will need to be a cosy 18°-22° to germinate.

Water regularly and ensure the Growbar is perfectly moist, it should remain the colour of a rich dark ginger cake.

After a few weeks you should have a bar neatly dotted with little seedlings. These will be happy growing together in the bar for a further month in their sunny location.

When the seedlings have produced 4-8 leaves you may then gently separate them, being careful to not damage the delicate roots, and plant them in individual pots or a sunny weed-free spot in the garden. Plants grown in the ground with plenty of space and sunlight will produce more abundant fragrant foliage but it is possible to grow the seedlings in large containers on the balcony or patio.

How to identify your seedlings:

Daisy seedlings have scallop-edged leaves. Daisy like moist, well-drained soil in full sun or partial shade.

Poppy seedlings have tiny feathery leaves which are slightly silvery in colour. Poppy like well-drained fertile soil and placed in full sun.

Sunflower seedlings have oval-shaped and slightly hairy leaves. Sunflowers like full sun and may need support.