Denmark Rectangle Dining Table


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This simply elegant dining table has been handcrafted through traditional techniques by skilled artisans. Its constructed from sungkai wood, which is one of the more famous timber from Indonesia. Sungkai wood is often used for a variety of indoor furniture, and a perfect wood due to its ease to be worked and processed into a variety of sleek and beautiful shapes. This dining table has been inspired by the mid-century minimalist movement, particular the works of people like Finn Juhl and Arne Vodder. These classic Scandinavian designs focus lies on the clean, simple lines, minimalistic in form and functionality a priority without sacrificing its beauty. Specifically defined by the natural, lightness of the wood, curved edges, slight narrowing of the legs which are created through the process of steam bending, to offer simplicity within the room. A gorgeous addition to the home, matched elegantly with the classic "Wishbone" or "Round" chairs to create a beautiful dining setting.

All pieces have been hand crafted with traditional techniques, so individual products may vary.

H77 x W160 x D91cm