Buffalo Leather Travel Card Holder


A simple and elegant buffalo leather travel card holder that perfectly and safely fits all of your most important cards into one easy to carry holder.  The durable buffalo leather will only ever get better with age as every scratch, mark and blemish eventually blends into the natural tone of the holder to produce something that will not only stand the test of time but will actually improve with it.

This card holder has one section, large enough to fit a few of your most essential cards. The durable leather holds them in place securely.

The buffalo leather is treated with natural oils to keep it protected, water-resistant, and to give it a rich finish. While it’s a hard-wearing leather the character is such that there may be a map of small creases, marks or blemishes telling the tale of its travels. As it ages it will naturally become softer and slightly darker. We love how unique this makes every card holder, and we hope you do too.

Due to the handmade nature of our products each one is unique, but loveliness comes as standard. Available in two colours.

H9 x W7 cm.