Brass Elephant Dung Notebook


These elephant dung notebooks make a great quirky but practical gift. They are Fair Trade and perfect for use as a journal or simply as an everyday notebook.

The elephant dung covers are made from 75% elephant dung and 25% recycled paper – yes really!

The notebooks are filled with approximately 50 pages of paddy husk paper, a beautiful handmade paper that is very smooth and easy to write on with any pen of your choice. All the paper is acid-free. The notebooks are handmade by skilled local artisans who complete the designs with a brass elephant motif. The brass elephant motifs are all hand finished and maybe a slightly different design to the image shown.

Available in several sizes. 

Small: H11 x W9.5 cm

Medium: H14.5 x W11.5 cm

Large: H20.5 x W15.5 cm