Blue Sky Starlight Design Box Of Matches


These stylish square matchboxes boast a deep blue, starry design perfect for adding a touch of sophistication to any home. They feature a “Starlight Luxury Matches” text, making them an ideal gift for any special occasion.

This collection of eccentrically printed matchboxes make glorious gifts. Starting with the archives of the Natural History Museum and collaborating with artists all over the world, they create the finest range of British Letterpress matchboxes. What we love about these is that all these products are created using sustainably sourced wood and all of the paper used is either 100% recycled or from approved, sustainable sources. Seemingly small efforts such as these from companies make a big difference in the long run for safeguarding our planet. 

Includes 100 matches (each L10cm).

H11 x W11 x D5 cm.