Black Leather Detachable Strap Multi-Function Bag


Discover the versatility of the Black Leather Detachable Strap Multi-Function Bag. Handcrafted from premium unlined leather with antique brass fittings, this bag offers a classic yet modern look. The adjustable detachable strap allows for multiple wearing options, making it the perfect shoulder bag, clutch, or cross body accessory.

The leather used for this bag has been sourced from a small family run tannery in Kolkata. The brass buckles and specialised fittings are handmade from brass by artisans in Kathmandu who hand cut, file and polish local Nepali brass into shape. They choose to use brass because the material offers superior recyclability and overall environmental advantages as it can be recycled an infinite number of times with no loss in properties or performance.

Strap Length: 110-125 cm ; Strap Width: 2 cm ; Opening Length: 22 cm. 

H17 x W25 x D5 cm.