A4 Recycled Coffee Cup & Repurposed Waste Weekly Planner


Introducing our A4 Recycled Coffee Cup & Repurposed Waste Weekly Planner, the sustainable stationery option that brings order and purpose to your week. With a minimal design and flexible use of space, this 7 day planner features a plastic-free wire that can be easily recycled. Plus, the dotted reverse side allows for reuse or doodling, making it both practical and environmentally friendly. Recycle in household waste or compost with ease.

Choose from a selection of colours, each made from recycled coffee cup paper and repurposed nut waste. Each is hand finished and unique unto itself. 

Includes 120 pages. Sold individually.

These planners come from a UK based supplier with their roots in Dorset. The creamy luxury coffee cup paper is made from recycled coffee cups in Cumbria in an innovative process called Cupcyling. The paper is fountain pen friendly and suitable for artists. Each cover colour represents the repurposed waste that goes into them from the food and drink industry. 

Materials: Cover: 250gsm, 40% PCW Recycled, 45% virgin fibre, 15% organic olive/almond/hazelnut/coffee residue. Text paper: 106gsm, Variable mix of: upcycled coffee cups, PIW from coffee cup manufacture, virgin fibres.

A4: H29.7 x W21 cm.