Tassel Handle Basket

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This beautiful basket is made in the classic, traditional methods with natural raffia and seagrass, to create a strong and sturdy basket. The base is kept natural in colour, in contrast to the white handles, which adds a beautifully vintage element to an otherwise rustic country accessory. The basket is tall with an added element of spiral hands along the top with the chic element of white tassels, creating a wonderful effect, and a perfect storage solution for all of your beautiful things, particularly those crafting and knitting tools - tool needles need tall baskets. With the addition of handles its easy to carry from room to room, wherever the day takes you, enforcing the strong and sturdy aspect, the tall design means that items are easy to keep contained and not spill out.

 All pieces have been hand crafted with traditional techniques, so individual products may vary.

Come in two sizes which have the potential to nest together.

Small - H31 x W31 x D31cm

Large - H39 x W36 x D36cm