Gigantic Dark Chocolate with Clementine Buttons


Share in the Christmas spirit with these Gigantic dark clementine chocolate buttons, full of comfort and joy. This delicious treat offers a rich, smooth flavour with unique citrus notes, perfect for the joyous holiday season!

Josh's Chocolate is a chocolate brand based local to us in Cornwall and they pride themselves on creating delicious chocolate and celebrating life's simple pleasures particularly within the coast and country of Cornwall. The illustration on their packaging is produced by a local illustrator in St Ives and depicts scenes of the idyllic Cornish landscape. 

The process that they use to make the chocolate is a 'melt and mould' operation using premium quality, pre-refined chocolate. Requiring the addition of flavours before tempering, adding inclusions and then moulding into bars or buttons.  From here the bars are vibrated to remove any air bubbles and then refrigerated for at least one hour.  Before finally foiling, packing, boxing and distributing.

Ethical sourcing of their ingredients is of utmost importance to Josh’s Chocolate and they strive to use palm oil free and Rainforest Alliance approved products wherever possible. All their chocolate is certified by the latter whilst all the extra ingredients are sustainably sourced, even the salted caramel is made with certified sustainable palm oil.

Ingredients: Cocoa mass, sugar, cocoa butter, SOYA lecithin, natural flavours (vanilla, clementine & lemon) Cocoa solids - 55%.