Diamond Weave Basket

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This lovely basket is made in the classic, traditional methods with natural raffia and seagrass, to create a strong and sturdy basket. The entire basket is kept authentic to the natural colour of raffia, which contrasts beautifully with the use of brilliant white cotton in the trims, handles and detailing. The cotton has been woven around the ring handles and the trim of the basket to create a lovely decorative element. Diamonds have been woven throughout the basketry to add an aspect of texture and design, enforcing the rustic aesthetic, whilst complementing modern, contemporary interiors. This basket is perfectly versatile, with a stackable element, and addition of handles which creates ease with transportation around the home. Ideal for a multiple selection of storage solutions

All pieces have been hand crafted with traditional techniques, so individual products may vary.

Come in three sizes which have the potential to nest together.

Small - H29 W29 x D29cm

Medium - H34 x W37 x D37cm

Large - H38 x W43 x D43cm