Cotton Scarves Embroidered with Flowers


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These beautiful cotton scarves have been hand loomed, and the applique work has been hand cut and finished by women employed and supported by Sadhna using Fair Trade hands. Sadhna are a fantastic WFTO accredited organization in Udaipur, India.

Founded in 1988, they have been widely recognised for their great work in providing opportunities for women in Udaipur’s rural, tribal, and urban slum belts. Sadhna taught these disadvantaged women patchwork, appliqué, and tanka embroidery skills for them to earn a secure living.

Starting with just 15 women, they now pride themselves in helping over 700 women to become skilled artisans, giving them the respect within society they deserve.

Available in Green, Burnt Orange or Maroon.

L175 x W55 cm.