Circular & Co Beach Waste Coffee Cup 12oz


Circular & Co's signature reusable Circular Leakproof Coffee Cup, now with the external sleeve made from 50% beach waste plastic and 50% recycled plastic. Gathered across Cornwall’s beaches and shorelines, the beach waste plastic used in this cup was once an eyesore and a danger to coastal wildlife. 

BPA & melamine free.

Dishwasher safe.

H16.8 cm (with lid) / 14.4 cm(without)

Base Diameter: 6.4 cm.

Lid Diameter: 8.4 cm.

*Please note: Due to the variable nature of the kinds of beach waste in the material mix, and the way in which it is blended, there are variations throughout the Beach Waste Cups. The marble effect is different and unique to each cup sold. Some of the cups are more plain looking and have fewer marble markings.*