With hundreds of different fabrics to choose from - make sure you're choosing the best to suit you, your home and your needs.

The fabrics we have available are the following:

Soft and luxurious and one of the most popular fabrics on offer. Available in an array of colours, it is a short-textured plain velvet which goes with different coloured, patterned and textured fabrics easily. 100% polyester. All fabrics achieve 35,000+ rubs on Martindale abrasion

Velvet Passiflora
Birds of paradise, passion flowers and exotic island life dazzle against opulent velvets, embroideries and intricate weaves. This stunning collection is a seductive homage to tropical island life, and was newly this year. 

100% Polyester All fabrics achieve 50,000+ rubs on Martindale abrasion

Scenario is a collection of luxurious, soft easy care herringbone chenille. 
100% polyester. All fabrics achieve 100,000+ rubs on Martindale abrasion.

Crushed Velvet 
A collection of sumptuous velvets, Lustro is available in a variety of deep colourways making it easy to co-ordinate with other busier designs. Perfect for both contemporary and traditional homes, the collection creates a warm yet elegant feel within an home. 100% polyester. All fabrics achieve 40,000+ rubs on Martindale abrasion. 

There are plenty more fabric available than we have on display, please contact us if you are looking for a different colour, texture or patterns or are looking to use your own fabric and we can send you the information.

Any questions or queries please contact us.