Wild Mocktails Recipe Book


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Award-winning cocktail-maker and gardener Lottie Muir applies her talents to creating a wonderfully wild and varied collection of mock-tails, all using home-grown and foraged ingredients, with a focus on low sugar and health-conscious recipes. Her repertoire includes infusions, cordials, sodas, shrubs and teas, such as Iced Spring Tonic Tea, Fruity and Flowery Summer Mock-tail, Lemongrass Leaftini Mock-tail and Ginger, Lemon and Lavender Kombucha. Whatever your fancy, there is a drink to suit your mood. So, indulge guilt free, in some seriously tasty drinks and please invite us to your next cocktail party!

Author : Lottie Muir

Pages : 64 


H18.6  x W12.3 cm