Beru Rattan Lampshade*


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These Rattan lamp shades are inspired by Indonesian fishing baskets. They are intricately handwoven using traditional techniques. We think they are perfect to create an impressive focal point to an interior.

Indonesia has a rich heritage of weaving rattan; an important cultural tradition was to weave rattan into Apais, these are decorative matts that were used to dress traditional long houses. Baskets were also woven with specific purposes in mind such as washing, carrying and storing food. These traditions and techniques are still very much alive today, in both traditional and new forms and designs. Our lamp shades and baskets are hand woven using the same ancient Indonesian weaving making skills. We are careful to ensure the rattan used in production of our products is cultivated sustainably.

Please note lighting does not include bulbs.

Small: H40 x W31 x D31 cm
Large: H42 x W39 x D39 cm