Long Filament LED Transparent Light Bulb - Globe G95 4W


The 95 mm Vintage Globe bulb is designed with a LED filament that is twice as long as its predecessor: this way, you will obtain a greater distribution of light intensity, whilst having less glare as a side effect, making it perfect for all installations that leave the bulb visible.
The temperature of this particularly warm light (2200K) further contributes to give a vintage touch to the filaments.
Eco-friendly and ornamental, the Vintage Globe bulb will render your installations unique. 

More info

Consumption: 4W
Returns: 400 lumen
Fitting: E27
Energy class: F
Width: 95mm
Height: 140mm
RA: >80
Aperture Beam: 360°
Time to reach maximum light intensity: 0 seconds
Light Colour: 2200K.