Conical Double Ferrule Colourful Metal E27 Lamp Holder - Clear Cord Grip*

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This double ferrule metal E27 lamp holder kit for lampshade is for you, if you enjoy vibrant and exciting colours and prefer a lampshade rather to an exposed bulb.

Creative tip: As an alternative to a lampshade, use a decorative exposed bulb.

The lamp holder kit requires 3 x 0.75 cables.

Cover: threaded.
Socket: thermosetting polyester T230 (maximum operating temperature).
Rated voltage: 250 Vac.
Rated current: 4 A.
Terminals: screw terminals for rigid or flexible cables from 0.50 to 2.50 mm².
Fixing: with threaded hole M10x1.

H5 x D4cm

Diameter of ferrules: 60 mm

Height: 43 mm
Diameter: 14.8 mm

*We are discontinuing these products