Double Drop Vesuvianite Earrings


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Part of the stunning range of double drop gemstone earrings, these unusual vesuvianite gems are sure to help the wearer feel cleansed and refreshed. They’re a fantastic clearer of anything blocking the heart chakra, opening you up to feelings of support, loyalty and love. It’s also said to help the wearer embrace their true hearts desires and wants and helps you channel your energy to go get them. Double the stone, double the power!

Sales of these earrings help not only supply lots of stable work in difficult times but allows our supplier to fund their many social projects in their local area. This ranges from planting trees, organising recycling and investment in waste water management to much bigger projects such as free healthcare to over 10,000 people, funding educational and vocational centres to help people lift themselves out of poverty to sponsoring children to complete their education.

All our earrings have nickel-free hooks.

Made in India.