Reed Diffuser Cucumber and Black Pepper*


Each box comes with a frosted glass display bottle, 10 reeds and a bottle of the Cucumber & Black Pepper fragranced oil; a clean fresh and revitalising scent.

Reed Diffusers are the perfect way to subtly scent your home. Once the reeds are placed in the bottle the oils are gradually drawn up the reeds and released. In normal conditions the liquid will last up to 3 months.

(Does not contain any animal product).

Includes: 1 x 150 ml & 10 reeds.

Candles crafted by hand, from their working family farm in North Cornwall. The St Eval Candle Company keep this traditional craft alive with their values placing people and the planet at the heart of what they do, taking inspiration from the natural beauty of the Cornish countryside to create pots, candles and fragrance.