Tomato Felt Keyring*


This is little tomato fella is ripe and ready to be taken home to meet the rest of your Keyring family, how can you say no to this perfectly stuff felted fella! 

Made from 90% wool, which is often broken down recycled wool, 5% cotton and the same for acrylic. It’s sourced from local markets in India, its strong defined shape comes from the specific felting technique used by them that differs from the traditional Nepalese felting technique often seen. 

Buying this product helps support grass roots projects that enables lots of struggling artisans learn the tools they need to set up business and trade themselves out of poverty. Not only are they provided with free business classes, but also computer classes so they’re able to reach a wider market enhanced by technology. On top of this, they’re provided with laptops and grants so they’re able to buy the machinery or tools needed to get their start-up off the ground. This is real support that builds the foundation of a successful future. Buying this product also helps fund medical camps that give free check-ups and medicine to the surrounding community. It helps support over 100 children through education, whilst providing necessities like books and shoes.

All materials are eco friendly and sourced sustainably so you know your shopping ethically, thoughtfully and helping create a fairer and sustainable world.

This is a Fair Trade item made in India.